A new book from the MIT Future Heritage Lab goes inside a Syrian refugee camp to uncover the creative lives of its inhabitants.

The Azraq refugee camp in Jordan hosts about 35,000 people displaced by the Syrian civil war, who live in rows of small white steel sheds. …

A long-term study of Melbourne, Australia, shows how urban development and change affects pedestrians, not just automobiles.

Map of Melbourne, Australia juxtaposed with pedestrians walking a city street.

When urban development takes place, a traffic impact assessment is often needed before a project is approved: What will happen to auto traffic if a new apartment building or business complex is constructed…

By Jeff Levine
Lecturer of Economic Development and Planning/MIT

Excerpt from “Leadership in Planning: How to Communicate Ideas and Effect Positive Change”

Book cover: “Leadership in Planning”

Why do you want to be a planner?

This is one of my favorite job interview questions. It is also one of the best things that graduate school advisors and professors can ask their students. Unfortunately…

Using an untapped resource, the Malden River Project is boosting social resilience along with climate mitigation in the gateway city of Malden, Massachusetts.

Idealized drawing of river bank with native plants and butterflies. Children with parents enjoy outdoor space.

When disparate groups convene around a common goal, exciting things can happen.

That is the inspiring story unfolding in Malden, Massachusetts, a city of about 60,000 —…

Uniting Design, Economics, and Policy

Book cover: aerial view of urban coastline

Chapter 12. Coastal Urbanism: Designing the Future Waterfront
(pages 259–276)
Rafi Segal and Susannah Drake

COASTAL URBANISM PRESENTS a new paradigm of waterfront development and upland adaptation for the twenty-first century. Through an iterative, interdisciplinary, team-oriented design approach, communities can come together with their elected…

What our history with animals reveals about our future with robots
By Kate Darling

Cover book illustration of farm and wild animals

“Animals are good to think with.”

— Claude Lévi-Strauss

I was twelve weeks pregnant and nauseous, but excited. After two days of co-running a workshop in Mountain View, California, I had been handed an opportunity I…

Andres Sevtsuk’s new work estimates foot traffic in cities — so planners and developers can study the flow of people, not just vehicles.

Images of pedestrians walking over a city map

A key portion of MIT’s campus overlaps with Kendall Square, the bustling area in East Cambridge where students, residents, and tech employees scurry around in between classes…

— An excerpt from the new book, Furthering Fair Housing: Prospects for Racial Justice in America’s Neighborhoods

Book cover graphic combining a generic city map, family members and residences along the street.

Over the past half-century, socioeconomic mobility in the United States has declined dramatically. Ninetypercent of children born in the 1940s grew up to earn more than their parents, compared to only 50 percent…

A new way of thinking about data science and data ethics, informed by the ideas of intersectional feminism.

by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein

Introduction: We wrote this book because we are data scientists and data feminists. Although we speak as a “we” in this book, and share certain identities, experiences, and skills, we have distinct life trajectories and motivations for our work on this project. If…

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The MIT School of Architecture + Planning: Design is the space between people and their environment. This is our territory.

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